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Secure what is dear to you in our sturdy and resilient safes.

Protect your property from theft and fire.

SecuriTec is your security partner when it comes to providing reliable and durable protection for your money and your property.


State-of-the-art safes.

In order to offer you the best possible safes we collaborate with the German leader in the field, HARTMANN TRESORE, which has been in the market for over 150 years. So SecuriTec provides you with strong and resilient safes which provide optimal theft and fire protection for your property. Anyone can benefit from having a high-quality safe because they're not used just for protecting money.

Our safes can also secure:

  • your family documents
  • your title deeds
  • your jewels
  • your personal effects / high-value items
  • your digital data
  • etc.

Either choose a safe that's suitable for general use or a safe that fulfils a specific function. Our large range of modern safes means you can choose the type of security which is best for you. What's more, many insurance companies have strict rules regarding the use of safes. By choosing SecuriTec you can be sure of having the right standard of certification which is accepted by insurance companies.

Our Partner

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Dominique HANSLIK

SecuriTec is an independent installer working in Luxembourg since 2010. Our goal is to provide our private and professional customers, in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, with the best quality service possible, in accordance with their actual needs.

Why should you choose our safes?

At SecuriTec your security is our priority. That's why we offer you the best safes on the market. Modern, sturdy and resilient, they provide long-term protection for numerous items of property.

Our safes has numerous advantages:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A wide range of safes: built-in safes, freestanding safes, safes with a key lock or an electronic code lock, security cabinets, fire-resistant safes etc.
  • Specialised safes to suit your needs: for securing a large sum of cash, personal effects, jewels, documents, numerical data etc.
  • Safes of all sizes
  • VdS certification accepted by insurance companies

Who is it for?

  • For personal use within the home
  • For businesses in commercial premises or offices
  • For industry
  • For local authorities and municipal buildings
  • For private and public institutions

SecuriTec expertise

SecuriTec is one of the market leaders in the field of buildings security thanks to its know-how and many years of experience. Our products are available throughout Luxembourg and we provide our services both to private individuals and to businesses. Our teams are also always ready to listen and reply to your questions and to support you with the installation of your safes.

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